Training Programme

The project team is currently working on the creation of the training program.
In the mean time this page offers more details on the previous objectives and tasks, which are performed before publishing the final training programme!


I Conduction of the Training Needs and Gap Analysis


II Skill Card Creation and Strategy Design


III Training Curriculum Development


The trainingPurchase this image at curriculum is the base of the whole sport management course for semi-professional and amateur sport club managers. The training curriculum provides a detailed overview over each of the modules offered during the course. For each of the modules a description of the content, objectives and the number of lessons will be defined which enables the target group to decide on whether to take a specific course module or not. After the compilation the training curriculum will be translated into the national languages of all participating countries. Following sub activities will be conducted to achieve the goals of the activity “development of the training curriculum”:


  • Training Curriculum Development
  • Translation of Training Curriculum


IV Development of  Training Materials


The main activity within the sportGO project is the development of training materials for each of the modules of the training programme. The course modules are:


  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Professional Marketing of Sports Clubs
  • Event Management
  • Financial Management & Funding & Sponsoring
  • Legal Framework

Sample: project-management

V Implementation of the Piloting Phase