About SportGO

The aim of the EU-funded Erasmus + project "SportGO" is to lead semi-professional sport clubs in Europe to a more successful future.

The main sportGO objectives are:

  • improvement of available structures and implementation of cost-efficient governance of semi-professional sport clubs
  • fostering grassroots sport activities by supporting semi-professional sport clubs in governance and enabling good conditions for their active members
  • strengthening national and regional sports governing bodies by increasing their training offers and their capacity in training representatives of sport clubs.
  • exchanging and transfer of knowledge and knowhow related to governance and management of sport clubs from higher education institutions to sports clubs and vice versa.

Project results

The main results of the sportGO project are:

  • sportGO Training Curriculum
  • Being a Successful Semi-Professional Sport Club Manager Training Material
  • Training course for “Being a Successful Semi-Professional Sport Club Manager”

The training

Following topics are covered in the training:

  • Management Skill and Basic Introduction
  • Management Tools for a Successful Future
  • Sponsorship – How to acquire funding?
  • Insurance and Legal Issues
  • Leadership and Human Resource Management (including recruitment of volunteers)
  • Best Practice Examples on how to manage a sport club successfully

The target groups

sportGO aims to reach three different target groups:

  • Managers and officials of semi-professional sport clubs
  • Regional and national sport governing bodies
  • Training providers