The Consortium

This pages provides further detail about the project coordinator FH Joanneum and all collaborating organisations in the SportGo project.

  • FH Joanneum

    Rene Wenzel

    FH JOANNEUM is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Austria. FH JOANNEUM has further already participated in a high number of EU projects in which it acted as coordinator and as partner. Therefore, the organization can rely on many years of experience and highly qualified staff when it comes to EU and company projects.

  • WUS

    Michaela Handke

    World University Service (WUS) Austria is a politically independent, non-governmental organization committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy. During more than 30 years of existence WUS Austria has positioned itself important operative partners for enhancing knowledge transfer and comparability in (Higher) Education between EU and non EU countries.

  • Austrian Volleyball Association

    Gottfried Rath

    The Austrian Volleyball Federation is the umbrella institution of the organised volleyball sport in Austria. It represents more than 400 clubs and over 26,000 members. The ÖVV acts as support for its members especially in terms of organisation, structure and supervisor of the two highest national leagues.

  • University of West Hungary

    Henriette Dancs

    The Faculty of Sports of the University of West Hungary consists of experts who are well-known and sought after nationwide. In addition to training conventional teachers of physical education, our students have the opportunity to go for training in coaching, recreation, sports organising and health development.

  • Orienteering Federation of County Vas

    Beatrix Geosits Kiss

    The Orienteering Federation of County Vas trains volunteers for organizing orienteering events to keep the required quality. The federation aims to collaborate with other regional to promote the sport in order to increase the number of young athletes in orienteering sport. Additionally the Orienteering Federation of County Vas is a regional key player in “green” sport activities in West Hungary.

  • Lithuanian Sports University

    Irena Valantine

    The Lithuanian Sports University has been playing and still plays the important role in sports development in general as well as in sports science and sports education. LSU is a unique institution providing a huge amount of sports and wellness specialists who foster citizens to be responsible for their health and healthy life. LSU is a national institution proud to be the only specialising university in sports education where studies, sports science and practice are interconnected.

  • Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations

    Agne Vanagiene

    LUSF is a member of European non-governmental sports organizations association (ENGSO). One of the main tasks of LUSF is to organize complex events in Lithuania, such as Lithuanian youth and juniors games, World Lithuanian Games, Baltic Sea Youth Games and etc. LUSF is also actively participating in different kind of projects funded by EU for eight years.

  • University of Sarajewo

    Bosnien & Herzegowina
    Dino Mujkic

    The University of Sarajevo is characterized by educational activity, research activity, publications and a strong orientation towards establishing local, national and international cooperations. The faculty of Sports and Physical Education has different programmes and aims in raising the awareness on the necessity of sport activities, and development of the country's sport system in general.

  • Olympic Committee of Sarajewo

    Bosnien & Herzegowina
    Jasmin Hodzic

    The Olympic Committee of Sarajewo is currently working on several International Olympic Committee projects which are divided into 4 main areas. These are a significant contribution to the development of the Bosnian athletes, education of coaches, sport management and the promotion of Sport and Olympic Values.

  • University of Ljubljana

    Gregor Jurak

    Graduates from the University of Ljubljana carry out professional sport programmes in Slovenia for all types and forms of sport. Many graduates have become prominent experts in Slovenia and abroad. The objective is to prepare professionals, who will be involved in the achievement of best conditions of psycho-physical well-being in society, schools, communities, sport clubs, work environments and sport activities.

  • Olympic Committee of Slovenia

    Ales Solar

    Besides their main activities as the Olypmic Committee of Slovenia, OCS also supports sport federations and clubs and provides projects in the field of education for sport clubs, athletes and coaches.
    The Olympic Committee of Slovenia has also experience in collaborative EU projects.

  • University of Alicante

    Noelia Lopez

    Besides teaching, the University of Alicante is very active in research and technology transfer. The University maintains a close relationship to the local and international business sector, offering a wide range of courses for professionals and lifelong learning opportunities. Additionally it has a strong track record in international cooperation the fields of research, university management, governance and cooperation for development.

  • Real Federación Espanola de Hockey

    Oriol Torras

    Real Federacion Espanola de Hockey is responsible to promote, regulate and manage all sporting and educational issues around the field hockey, indoor hockey and beach hockey activities in Spain, addressing the legal rules of the International Hockey Federation. Additional the federation works together with clubs and national teams, coaches and referees for to improve their projects despite the financial crisis.